What I Believe

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After much soul--searching, I finally knew who I was and who I wanted to be.  I knew where I felt at peace and what I had to do for myself religiously.

To me, one's relationship with their god is a personal thing.  No two people really 'believe' the exact same thing or read things from their 'holy book' in the same way.

I found that my inner peace comes mostly when I am outdoors communing with nature.  I feel very alive, very serene when I'm out in the open country.  You'll notice through some sections of our site here, that we do a lot of outdoor venturing and enjoy taking many pictures of our adventures.

I get a calming feeling inside and out when I light my candles and burn my incense. 

I believe that what comes around goes around.  If you do something to harm others, sooner or later it will come back to you and usually much worse than you have done to another.

I believe prayer is a solitary ritual and needn't be done with dozens and dozens of others, nor does it need to be done in a 'sanctuary'.

I don't feel that I have to go to a building to have someone else 'tell' me how to practice my faith.  I think I'm quite capable and intelligent enough to figure that out on my own.

I did a lot of research on many different religions and faiths before deciding upon what best went along with my beliefs and how I feel.  I decided through all this research that 'organized religion' was not what I believed in and I did not feel comfortable in the 'church' environment.

What I found was a solitary type of faith.  One that has to do with nature, the goddess of love, light, peace.  The faeries of Earth, Fire, Wind and Water.  These are the things that brought me peace and serenity within myself.  I liked what I was finding out, and I soon realized that hey this goes right along with how I 'feel' inside.  Faith is a feeling.  If one doesn't 'feel' anything spiritual or otherwise, then how can one have faith or religion?

I continued to do more and more reading on Paganism and the Wicca path in particular. I found that not all Pagans do their rituals the same way, and neither do all Wiccans.  Some are solitary and some actually join covens.

For me.....  I have chosen to be a solitary witch.  Yes, I cast spells.  I cast spells for peace, love and light.  I cast spells for health, strength and hope.  I do not cast spells that will do harm.  I never send out any kind of negative light, for that would be causing harm.

I chose to be a solitary witch and to study my faith alone because I do believe that faith is a personal thing and that everyone has their own personal relationship with their god.

Yes, I do believe in god, but I also believe in the goddess.  I believe in the law of threes and I believe in Karma.

I never was at peace with my faith, until I found Pagansim and Wicca.  I am now at peace and feel very comfortable with the choices I have made with my spirituality.

I do hope that everyone out there finds their place, whatever their beliefs may be.  It's ok to do research and check out other faiths and religions.  We don't always have to follow the faiths and religions we were brought up with.  What's right and best for one soul is not necessarily right and best for another.

May the goddess and god bless each of you in every way needed.

Blessed Be....

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