Come learn about bears! We have Polar Bears, Black Bears, Brown Bears, Panda Bears and Koala Bears.

here are a few  things one should keep in mind when entering bear country. First of all, make sure all your food is stored in air-tight containers so that the animals cannot smell it through the container. Keep meats, including lunch meats well stored and away. Keeping food to a minimum and keeping it well stored, will help to minimize the risk of bears or other animals rummaging through your things.

Should you actually see a bear, make yourself appear larger than life to the bear.  Put your arms way up in the air and make yourself look fierce. Make loud roaring type sounds. You can even bang some rocks together to make the loud noises. This will often scare the bear away.

NEVER climb a tree!! BEARS CAN, DO and WILL climb trees!

Although bears are beautiful creatures, one should never get too close, too friendly, nor should one ever feed the bears, or for that matter, any animal out in the wild.

When we feed the wild bears and other animals, they come to rely on this; especially in campgrounds where people tend to congregate. The problem comes in when the people aren't there. The animals expect there to be food for them and when the people aren't there to give it to them, sometimes they starve as they stop looking for and learning to hunt for food. Really it's no different from humans. If a parent were to always carry their child, right from birth on, they would never learn to walk. Then if there weren't anyone around to carry the person, they wouldn't get anywhere. The same can be said for animals with food. If they are not forced to used instinct and to hunt, they will won't. So please, don't feed the bears or other animals in the wild you may come across. As much as you may want to, please refrain from doing so as it really is in the best interest of the animals not to feed them.