Sign Language

Wouldn't it be great if you could communicate, no matter how slow, with the deaf. Well here you will find the sign language alphabet so that you can at least spell out what you would like to say. It may take you longer to get out what you want to say, but at least you would be able to. A lot of times deaf people feel left out in an atmosphere where everyone else can hear, because no one knows how to sign. I myself do not know how to sign, but I do know the alphabet. When I lived down in Southern California, I rode the bus to school with some deaf kids. By knowing how to sign the alphabet, I was able to make friends with them. No one else could though, because they just didn't know how to and were afraid to. Deaf people are just like everyone else. They just cannot hear. They still have feelings, and want to have friends. They still want to be able to do what their peers do.

If you know someone who is deaf and even if you don't, why not take some time to learn the alphabet. It could come in real handy one day!

May take a bit to load the images.

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