Welcome to my little piece of the world! I'm Sweety Pie! I really hope ya enjoy my site as I have put a lot of time and effort into it.

Feel free to email me if you have any comments or suggestions! Please do not send me nasty little notes though. It just isn't nice and you really shouldn't do it. Thanks!

Just a Bit About Me

Name: Michele
Location: California, USA
Favorite Music Group: anything except heavy metal
Favorite Books: Vampire Stories and things about Witchcraft
Favorite TV Program: Simpsons, Futuruma
Pets: None now, but I used to have a hamster.
Things that irk me: people who do drugs and people who litter

Well I guess that's enough about me hehe You should never get too specific with what you put on the net about yourself as that could make it real easy for people to find you. There are bad, sick people out there, so we kids gotta be careful of what we place on our sites about ourselves. Well enough gibberish here, take a cruise around my site and have some fun! Thanks!

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