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Please bear with us as we are reconstructing our site. When we are done with it, we hope that our site will be grouped together better and be easier to navigate. We are also updating our pages to PHP instead of the SHTML that we've had for several years now. You should begin to notice many things that we are changing, (or have already changed -- depending on when you last visited us).

Our end goal is to have a site that is more organized by topics rather than by sub-site. Some sections will stay the same, excepting for changing them to the PHP format.

If you should find any broken links or broken graphics, please let us know. With as much code as we are writing and reading at the moment, it is always possible that we may miss one here and there.

Below is a brief outline of how we are planning to re-organize things.

Main Site will expand and be divided by subject. Here is what we currently have planned, of course, these plans could change at any given time, for any reason, without notice  ROFL After all, it is a woman's perrogative to change her mind. *grin*

Sweety Pie's pages will remain the same. She worked hard on them and gathering her information, that as a Mom, I wanted to leave them just as they are for all to see. She has worked on these pages and helped create them from 1997-2002. Of course, she was much younger then, and some of her likes and enjoyments have changed, but I thought it would be nice to keep them here as a memory for her of her childhood dreams.


Mike's Patriotic Site will be wrapped into the main part of the site under U.S. History. All the pages you find there will have been part of Mike's Pages, as well as additions and updates. Sadly, Mike will no longer have any input on these pages as he went on to dance with the fae on March 23, 2003.


All other parts of the site, will be merged into the main site. :)